Foster a Chicago Dog or Cat


Number one way to save animal lives: Foster!

Fostering in your home gets them out of the shelter environment (which just isn’t as comfortable as a home and is healthier); allows an appropriate assessment (animals are more likely to act like themselves in homes, and frees up shelter space. Also, for some who don’t want a long-term commitment fostering can be a great alternative.

Chicago Animal Care & Control works closely with more than 190 Homeward Bound Rescue partners to transfer as many animals out of the shelter as quickly as possible. In 2016, more than 7,000 animals were transferred to our rescue partners to find second chances for wonderful lives.

Our partners need people to foster animals while they find them a permanent home. Being a volunteer pet foster parent is a temporary commitment, and depending on the animal, the commitment can be for as little as a few weeks, to as long as a few months. Please consider helping out.

If you’re interested, show up for free training and information, noon to 1 p.m. today (Saturday, May 13) at Chicago Animal Care & Control, 2741 S. Western Avenue. Training is free.