Canine Lymphoma, It’s Treatable: Dr. Sue Cancer Vet

December 5, 2018

Veterinary oncologist Dr. Sue Ettinger talks about canine lymphoma on my national Steve Dale's Pet World national radio show.

Here are two interesting bullet points which she offers far more detail on:

At least half

Aeris the Movie About a Kitten with FIP Now Available

December 4, 2018

Filmmaker/actor Paul Castro Jr. with actress Aly Miller produced a movie called "Aeris."  The short award-winning

Sully Bush Mourns the Loss of President Bush

December 3, 2018

If an image tells a thousand words - this one is it as Sully Bush mourns.
THIS is the human-animal bond.
President George Herbert Walker Bush's service dog, Sully, lays by his companion's casket.

Sully doesn't know or care that Bush 41 was a good President or not, or what his legacy will be. Dogs

Superstar Technician/Nurse Debbie Martin on Fear Free

November 29, 2018

Debbie Martin is five stars. The nearly all perfect reviews are for veterinary nurse Debbie Martin and her husband veterinary behaviorist Dr. Ken Martin's book "Puppy Start Right."

Two Kittens Are Better than One

November 27, 2018

Speaking with my pal Dr. Kim Kendall, a cat veterinarian from Sydney, Australia who feels very strongly that two kittens are better than one. She explains here on my national Steve Dale's Pet World radio show.

Dr. Kim Kendall

Kittens need to play and learn and to bite, and if there's not another

Veterinary Behavior Symposium

November 26, 2018

The 2018 American College of Veterinary Behavior Symposium of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists was held in Denver in July, just prior to the Convention of the American Veterinary Medical Association. This is

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Lucille Ball Loved Animals, Her Best Friend Paula Stewart

Steve Dale with Paula Stewart on Lucille Ball

Imagine, your best friend was Lucille Ball. I happened to Lucy a bit, and I so knew how much she loved animals. Actress Paula Stewart wrote a book about her bestie called “Lucy Loved Me,” and I talk with Paula on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show. Lucy was if nothing else loyal…

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Dog-Friendly IKEA Store in Italty

Dogs at IKEA in Italt

If only IKEA stores in the U.S. would do the same. And IKEA store in Catania, Italia welcomes street dogs to come in from the cold and rain. In this video shared on Facebook, dogs at IKEA can be seen resting on IKEA rugs inside staging rooms in the Catania, Italy store. No word on…

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Future of Canine or Human Flu Vaccines Could be the Llama

Llamas may fight the flu

Worried about the dog flu or even ourselves getting the flu? Certainly, a vaccine can help to prevent the flu in both species. Now, there’s a new idea Get yourself a llama. Llamas have been used to produce a new antibody therapy that has the potential to work against all types of flu, including new…

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Steve Martin’s Comedy for Dogs (Classic Comedy)

Steve Martin plays to dogs

Steve Martin’s comedy for dogs.  Warning: If you’re a human being, you won’t get the jokes Still funny. 🙂 from 1973 “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.”    

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One Dog Helps to Save an Endangered Parrot Species

Ajax is trained to find endangered Kea

It’s astounding what dogs can do. Ajax is the only dog that is training for finding kea birds. The kea is an endangered flightless parrot species only found on New Zealand’s South Island. And researchers need to keep tabs on how many there and where they area. And Ajax is the nation’s official and the…

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Labrador Chases the Cat

Q: I have a 5-month old chocolate Labrador. My problem of Labrador Chases the cat is when she starts playing with my cat. She chase’s the cat around the living room and kitchen then takes a flying leap down the family room stairs then jumps on the couch at full force no matter who is…

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