164 Pomeranians Confiscated


More than 160 dogs were rescued Thursday, November 30, from a U-Haul truck just southwest of Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department believe the 164 Pomeranians were put in the truck by a “breeder” in Sandy Valley, Nevada. The dogs were stacked in kennels without food, water, or proper ventilation.

The driver, who has not been identified, was a woman from San Bernardino, California, whom officials described as a possible “backyard breeder.” The woman reportedly loaded the dogs into the truck and left California after receiving a tip her property would be searched.

The hapless Pomeranians were taken to the Animal Foundation in Las Vegas, where they were being medically evaluated and groomed. Sometime in the next several weeks, they will be cleared for adoption, according to published reports. Some of the dogs could go to the Animal Foundation’s rescue partners and adopted by those partners.

The dogs range from about 3 months to about 12 years. And, according to initial reports, the dogs are dirty but have treatable medical conditions.

The sudden addition of so many dogs is taxing the shelter’s resources. On average, the foundation takes in 80 new animals a day.

So far, no charges had been filed. The Metropolitan Police Department’s Animal Cruelty Unit continues to investigate, along with Clark County Animal Control and San Bernardino authorities.
It’s not been reported exactly where the dogs were headed, but likely the final destination would have been to one or more pet stores. It’s ironic that Las Vegas city officials just reversed their ban on dogs and cats being sold at pet stores. This incident illustrates why the ban was passed in Las Vegas and in more than 200 other cities in the U.S. and Canada in the first place.