Wear Whiskers to Save Lives


Pets that die in shelters, about 3 million. That’s about five lives lost each minute.

We’re doing better as a nation, no questions…but I suggest these numbers aren’t acceptable.

Lots of reasons for the problem, one remains spay/neuter.

One goal of Marians Dream is to launch the United Spay Alliance, which already has spay referral information in 29 states. Another is to simply enhance social media awareness regarding spay/neuter, which has faded in recent years.

So  – wear the whiskers!

Post you (and maybe your cat too) in a selfie


Include the website Whiskers Save Lives and hashtags in your post.

  • www.mariansdream.org/whiskers/
  • #WhiskersSaveLives
  • #SpayNeuter
  • #MariansDream
  • You can also # the city you live in!

Tag 3 or more (or all!) of your friends and invite them to post their Whiskers photo within 48 hours and/or donate to the United Spay Alliance program of Marian’s Dream at www.mariansdream.org. Keep the message spreading! So share this post too…..