Pet Partners on WGN Radio


Pet Partners Chief Medical Officer Dr. David Williams talks about the power of the human/animal bond on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio – give a LISTEN.

Pet Partners is the leading organization in America that supports, certifies and registers people  for animal assisted activities. In all there are over 14,000 volunteers with over 1 million visits to help people in all sorts of settings, from hospitals, rehabilitation institutes, hospices, independent living centers for seniors, visiting veterans to visiting schools. There are also Pet Partner walking programs which support community, and health for people and their dogs.

We talk in some detail about reading programs, which dogs are brought into schools to support children who have difficulty reading – and it works! That’s likely because the kids gain confidence around dogs (who never judge skills), and may also forget about their lack of confidence reading as now reading becomes fun.

Dr. Williams talks about how and why pets save Americans (and in particular pet owners) millions of dollars a year. It’s true.