3 Rules: Never Do On Or Around the Fourth of July


3 Never do this – on or around the Fourth of July:

  • NEVER tie up a dog outside or even keep a dog in a yard around July Fourth without adult supervision. Fearful or terrified dogs may get out (even if you think that is not possible). And tethered dogs may panic and even choke themselves as they desperately attempt to escape the sounds of fireworks.
  • NEVER scream at or punish a fearful or terrified dog. All this will do is disrupt the human-animal bond and increase your pet’s anxiety. Think about it: Afraid of spiders? If you’re locked in a room with 100 creepy crawlies, and a friend hollers at you for being afraid, how does that help?
  • NEVER use drugs without input from a veterinary professional.

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to fireworks fears. Speak to a veterinary professional who may tailor the right solution for your individual dog. Here’s more last moment help.