Kitty Kindies: Socializing Kittens


How can we save cats’ lives? Well, we can get them to the veterinarian.

with Dr. Kersti Seksel

One huge result of kitten socialization classes is that as kittens, they learn to like or even love going inside the carrier. The car ride isn’t so bad because the veterinary visit the kitten is headed to is acceptable, or even fun. Yes, this can be done. It was all figured out by veterinary behaviorist Dr. Kersti Seksel who first launched her Kittie Kindie classes in Australia. She explains the concept  HERE on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show.

Instructors off litter box information because inappropriate elimination is the most common reason for cats being given up. Also, how to encourage appropriate scratching (so there’s no declaw) and that may include a new product called Feliscratch that directs cats to their vertical posts. And general cat care tips, from vaccine information to pilling a cat.

And attendees learn to clicker train kittens so “sit” or jump through a hoop or offer a high five. By learning how to teach kittens, the human/animal bond is further cemented.

Kitten classes are aligned with the Fear Free movement, which I support, as caretakers learn more about their feline friends and can do more to provide them with a happy, healthy life.

Just as puppies should attend (appropriately taught) puppy classes, when people do get their cats as kittens, kitten class are beneficial.