WGN Radio Petcast: Hail to the Chief; Animals and the Kids Who Love Them; Cat Calls; A Pet's Night Before Xmas


Listen HERE to this very special Howliday PETCAST (May take a few moments to load).

It includes hat valuable soliloquy and dramatic reading of A Pet’s Night Before Christmas. Please have your tissue at the ready, you will tear up or plug up.

I can hear it now – the music – “Hail to the Chief,” and into the room walks the President who was on the radio with us, that is the President of the American Veterinary Medical Association, it’s Dr. Rene Carlson. We talk about how preventative veterinary care can save your pet’s life and also likely save your pocketbook. And Dr. Carlson reveals a new resource from the AVMA, www.myveterinarian.com.

Have tissue ready for this sweet interview, guaranteed to also put a smile on your face because the stories of the “Animals and the Kids Who Love Them” with Allen and Linda Anderson are so inspirational. The Anderson’s explain that their previous appearance on my WGN Radio Petcast inspired this books.

Susan Logan, editor of Cat Fancy magazine and Jeanne Adlon talk about their new book ,“Cat Calls.” How interesting it is to go into people’s homes….Jeanne and Susan tell all!

I also talk about my new ebooks, “Good Dog! and “Good Cat! They’re available wherever ebooks are sold. This is the purrefect holiday gift for people who don’t want to spend a lot, $2.99 for either book (except the Apple version of “Good Dog!” can be purchased with embedded videos so you can see how to solve behavior problems, only $4.99). Happy Howlidays!