Postal Carrier Dies After Bitten by Pit Bull


Here is an awful story having to do with a dog described as a Pit Bull. The dog, dangerous….clearly….The problem, owner responsibility. Had this dog been on a leash- this story couldn’t have happened. (Though the dog was on his own property).

An attack by an unleashed dog called a Pit Bull on a San Diego-area letter carrier contributed to the postal worker’s death two days later from a stroke, according to local authorities.

The carrier, 59-year old Diane Jansen of Sun City, had been working her route for 5½ years in the northern San Diego suburb of Escondido, and often told colleagues how much she loved her job.

Upon arriving at the intersection of Carlann Lane and East Washington Avenue March 8, Jansen was greeted by the canine, according to KGTV in San Diego. The dog emerged from a residential garage owned by a family with several children.

Jansen’s speech began to slur immediately after the bites (which according to reports were on her legs, and not particularly severe) and she then became “unresponsive,” authorities said. Jansen was then taken to the Paloma Medical Center, where she was diagnosed with a brain hemorrhage. Placed in the intensive care unit, she was taken off life support on Saturday. She died the following evening. An autopsy determined that the cause of her death was a hemorrhagic stroke, with contributing factors of cardiovascular disease and dog bites to her legs, the coroner reported

Reports indicate the dog was friendly, though the dog was euthanized with the consent of the owners.