A Comprehensive Review of Pet Insurance


What exactly is pet insurance? How does it work? Who might benefit or not? Listen HERE to Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio to veterinary technician Jenna Carzolli, customer experience supervisor at Figo Pet Insurance.

As most of us have first-hand experience attempting to deal with, if a medical decision is required by a human physician, that is often hampered by what what human health insurance companies will allow. Medical decisions are being made by insurance providers. This just doesn’t happen in the world of pet health insurance.

I recall Dr. Jack Stephens, considered the founder of pet health insurance in the U.S. He began Veterinary Pet Insurance Company and that rolled into, Pets Best Insurance to reinvent pet health insurance to a more predictable model of reimbursing pet owners for pet care to flat 80 percent of cost, a model which many companies continue to follow. Pet insurance does happen to be on the rise in the U.S. In Europe pet health insurance is far more common.

Most pet health insurance companies, including Figo, also support the use of veterinary specialists (if warranted by the general practice veterinarian).

It’s confusing – so many pet health insurance companies. Several website contrast and compare, including Pet Insurance Review.

Overall, the intent is to prevent euthanasia because you simply can’t afford treatment and to provide an overall economic safety net.