A Musician’s Number One and Most Devoted Fan, A Fox


During the height of the pandemic we all looked for ways to occupy our time. Musicians had no audience, though some went virtual, and what Andy Thorn found was virtually incredible. He found a new live audience, a fox outside his home in Colorado.

Whenever Thorn began to play, the Fox came around. In fact, Foxy, as he was called, became a source of songwriting inspiration—serving as the premise for this song that’s actually written from Foxy’s perspective. The song has been a kind of Twitter hit, but not exactly knocking Ed Sheeran off the charts. It’s not likely that foxy cares.

According to Thorn’s website, he recently recorded Fox Songs and Other Tales From the Pandemic in his home studio. Listen in and dance, if you like, no doubt the foxtrot.
Thorn and his fellow Leftover Salmon bandmates have been touring for over a decade, no word on whether Foxy will join.