A Tiger Should NEVER Be a Pet: You Think?


We need to stop people from having pets that just shouldn’t be. In Texas, it’s easy to get a permit to own a pet tiger. You read that right, I said tiger. And this story, which wound up being quirky could have been a tragedy as there are many children – including young children – in this neighborhood.

True within the Houston City limits, where having a pet tiger is outlawed. But you won’t believe the long list of exotic pets which are legal in Texas if you get a permit (which isn’t all that hard to do) but many don’t have permits and don’t much care that they don’t have permits.

(This report is worth watching just to see the neighbor note that he also saw a “cappuccino monkey” inside the house. He no doubt meant a capuchin monkey, if even he guessed the species of monkey correctly. No latte monkeys reported.)