Active Transportation Alliance: Getting From HERE to THERE


Kyle Whitehead is all about biking, walking, and public transit.

In this WGN Radio Plus Steve Dale’s Other World podcast, Listen HERE, as I speak with Kyle about the Active Transportation Alliance and all types of transportation issues. He knows the secret to resolving traffic congestion.

Chicago’s iconic L trains haven’t changed much in long time.

We begin with the truth about Chicago’s transit issue. And, what the Active Transportation Alliance would like to see regarding reaching out to more neighborhoods. Is this the way the trains always must be, or can we expand their reach. And, what about those bus routes that have disappeared in the past few years? Can they ever come back?

What’s most important in public transit? (Answers: speed and reliability.)

Sometimes walking might be the best answer. Certainly it’s a way to use your energy without burning costly energy. Here’s the catch-22: People out on the street help people to feel safe. But how do you get people on the street if they feel unsafe? Walking builds what people who study these things call social capital a sense of neighborhood, and that is a good thing.

Kyle also says we all drive way too fast. It’s important to slow down so you can better stop for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Mayor Rham Emanuel recently talked about Chicago’s Vision Zero commitment, and Kyle explains what that means.

The Active Transportation Alliance says there’s an increased use of bicycles in Chicago, and the culture of drivers’ is changing as a result, so it’s safer. The addition of bike lanes is also helping. We talked about how changes in Uptown, for example, have made a difference. Buffered bike lanes have so many advantages, making streets safer for all by slowing traffic down, which turns out to be a really good thing, even saving lives. And cycling is safe too! 

The Lakefront trail has been in the news, and the Active Transportation Alliance has been working on it for some time. Kyle reveals exactly what that is.