Adaptil Junior, Getting Puppies off the the Right Paw


Pheromones aren’t hocus pocus, it’s real science. Dr. Natalie Marks explains what pheromone products, like Adaptil Junior are able to achieve on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show.

Adaptil, the dog pheromone product reduces fear, anxiety and stress – and that’s an important concept in veterinary clinics, in our homes, at kennels, grooming facilities and in animal shelters.

Dr. Natalie Marks

Marks is a fan of starting young, before anxiety develops for car rides, for example. Why not use Adaptil Junior collars for car rides, and maybe that first vet visit? Marks says her most commonly heard puppy complaint are pups who cry all night from the crate. Using Adaptil Junior can help to solve that problem. Marks is a fan of using the Adaptil Junior collar, and then transitioning to Adaptil for adult dogs for the rest of that dog’s life. She says, “Why not? Preventive medicine is always best.” She notes emotional health is as important as physiological health.

Marks is a Fear Free certified veterinarian, where she is Chief Medical Director at Blum Animal Hospital, a Fear Free certified practice. Fear Free is an initiative, first launched in veterinary medicine to reduce or even eliminate fear, anxiety and stress associated with veterinary visits. And using tools, which just weren’t around a decade ago, like Adaptil Junior to help. Dog trainers and groomers are now being certified as Fear Free too, and even shelter employees can soon partake.

Learn more about your pets at home and minimizing daily Fear, anxiety and stress at home at FearFreeHappyHomes.

Here’s a video that I truly stumbled across from a happy user, and whoever she is – this new puppy owner is happy and also explains benefits of Adaptil Junior.