Adding a Cat into a Home and How City Rats Can Make Your Dog Sick


Talking with Dr. Theresa DePorter

Add a cat into your home? We don’t ask residents about how they feel. Be respectful of your existing cats’ perspective when you consider bringing a new cat into your home, according to veterinary behaviorist Dr. Theresa DePorter. Listen to her advice HERE from Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio.

Never just add the new cat, then sit back and watch what happens. Be proactive to help insure the introduction is positive, Dr. DePorter says. “We can encourage the odds,” and Dr. DePorter offers several tips about what types or ages of cats to add in the first place. Doors are really import, as Dr. DePorter explains.  Dr. DePorter also discusses the importance of a good first impression.

There are products, like pheromones and also nutraceuticals – like Zylkene or ANXITANE – which can give cat parents a head start.

Oh Rats!

Drinking from a puddle – it’s what dogs do, unprotected and unvaccinated a dog may get leptospirosis

For the seventh consecutive year, Chicago is the rattiest City in America. Rats have done well in the pandemic, and now wandering further from restaurants they are interacting with our residential trash more. And Dr. Natalie Marks says HERE that she is concerned, mostly because of leptospirosis. Not only are unvaccinated dogs susceptible to this water-loving bacterial infection, so are humans.

Dr. Marks explains that treating leptospirosis in dogs can be easy (some dogs have no signs or symptoms), for others not so easy and they get sick and some get very sick and even die. About 80 percent survive but what if your dog is among that 20 percent that don’t? Leptospirosis can be totally avoided and by doing so you’re also minimizing the risk to human family members. Dr. Marks explains what prevention of urinary shedding means and community immunity.  Dr. Marks explains what it means that leptospirosis is zoonotic.

Vaccination is so very important, says Dr. Marks.

California New Law on Blood Needs for Pets

California Pet Blood Bank Modernization Act and benefits to dogs.