Adopt a Cat is the Message in 'Catalogue'


I believe most people who don’t want a cat, who don’t like cats or say they don’t like cats have simply never opened their homes to a cat….and ultimately their hearts. But generally, when people do open their minds to the idea, they generally do ultimately open their hearts.

The short movie won an award, called “Catalogue.” It was inspired by Rocky the cat,. who has s chameleon-like ability to blend into the sheets coupled with his love for napping made the filmmakers wonder what would happen if he’d been delivered with someone’s new bed. Rocky’s a screen veteran and has appeared in several other short films in his thirteen-year career, but has never matched the sheets better than he does in “Catalogue.”

And a lesson from this movie: Two cats (or three maybe?) are better than one. And an adopted cat can become a movie star!

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