Advice for Cat Up a Tree?


So, what do you do about a cat up a tree? Shake them loose, and hope the cat survives the fall – that’s never a good idea!

Call the fire department?

Unless you get Sarah, the Mayberry operator, you’ll likely hear a bemused operator ask, ‘Are you kidding?’ If you do convince emergency personnel to respond, there may be a fee. Deputy Barney Fife is not on this job.

​The best advice: Be patient. Veterinary clinics rarely report treating cats who have fallen from trees. Emergency rooms do treat people who have fallen trying to rescue feline friends. Entice kitty with tuna or salmon at the base of the tree. . .  wait for hunger to overcome fear.

Or keep your cat indoors only in the first place.

In real life Aunt Bee, Francis Bavier, was quite the cat crazy lady.