Alzheimer’s Like Disease in Dogs/Cats; ‘Tis the Season for Ticks and Fleas


Dr. Chris Pachel

Veterinary behaviorist Dr. Chris Pachel talks HERE on WGN Radio Steve Dale’s Pet World about aging cats and dogs, and the correlation to Alzheimer’s disease in humans which is called feline or canine cognitive dysfunction. He talks about signs to watch out for, and what you can do both help your pet and help family members to live with this impaired pet. Dr. Pachel points like in people sometimes dogs and cats have aging changes which isn’t dementia or canine or feline cognitive dysfunction syndrome. And because our pets are living longer than ever, there’s more this.

Dr. Pachel explains the acronym DISHA and what that means, and how knowing this can help veterinary professionals to diagnoses feline and/or canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome.

So, what can be done for dogs/cats with cognitive dysfunction.

Why Protecting Dogs from Tick Disease Is SO Important

Beckie Mossor

Listen HERE on WGN Radio Steve Dale’s Pet World  as registered veterinary technician Beckie Mossor talks about ticks and tick diseases and all about fleas and how they make life miserable for pets and for people. And why Mossor is so fascinated by the bugs.

Mossor gets very personal, explaining why she is so passionate about ticks diseases.

Lyme and other tick diseases combined are an epidemic in the U.S. in dogs and in people. She says ticks disease, not only Lyme, is likely far under-diagnosed in dogs.

She discusses prevention – and how tick diseases are preventable. And what to do for prevention. And, also what no to do.

At 40 eggs a day – no wonder being proactive to prevent fleas is so incredibly necessary. And choosing the right product is necessary. And she notes what we don’t want to hear, fleas aren’t shy about biting people.

You can learn more from the Companion Animal Parasite Council.

Fear Free and dealing with pets in pain and a swine on the lamb.