American Animal Hospital Association Accreditation


We all say we want the best for our pets….American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) practices are just that, says Dr. Tracey Jensen, AAHA president.

Of course, the president would say that,  but consider that there are over 900 standards which practice must adhere to, and they are constantly changing, which Jensen explains here on Steve Dale’s Pet World. 

AAHA practices earn the only available accreditation in veterinary medicine. The thing is that there’s no way the average pet owner could know about the type of anesthetic a practice uses, the training technicians have at using that anesthetic, whether the billing procedures are efficient, not to mention details about the surgical suite or whether the veterinarian is up to date on specific procedures. Of course, many non-AAHA practices may achieve the same bar as AAHA practices, but the only way pet owners know for sure is knowing that a practice has achieved 900 plus standards and has AAHA accreditation.