American Association of Feline Practitioners on Declaw


Dr. Kelly St. Denis

Maryland just joined New York state to ban amputation of cat paws, known as declaw. Dr. Kelly St. Denis, past president American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) explains on the national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show what declaw is and why AAFP has not only come out against declaw but also says if a veterinarian or a veterinary practice declaws, that activity is in contradiction to being a Cat Friendly Practice.

In coming to their decision regarding declaw, Dr. St.Denis explains how veterinarians sought data from not only cat studies but also human health studies. Declawed cats are more likely to suffer a myriad of medical and behavioral problems which cost pet parents money to treat and may even lead to relinquishment.

Today, we know far more about behavior modification and how to teach or re-teach cats where TO scratch. Dr. St. Denis dispels a few myths; for example, clawed cats aren’t more likely to cause infections.

Free claw friendly toolkit from the AAFP.

My discussion with a person who previously has declawed generations of cats, a real world conversation about cat declaw.