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Tom Van Winkle is the CEO of Hinsdale Humane Society, and he says there’s a great deal of good news HERE on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio. Following the mass adoptions of pets at the start of the pandemic, many cynics predicted shelters would be overwhelmed with returns. In Hinsdale (and every other shelter I’ve spoken with) that’s not been the case. The primary problem is housing, as some people are losing their apartments or even their homes, and then finding pet-friendly places to live can be challenging. There’s a new program from Hinsdale Humane; they’re fostering pets for people in transition as they seek new places to live, as extremely important service (which now several shelters around Chicago are providing). Still, ideally, the answer to increase the availability of pet friendly housing.

Tom is also the CEO of the American Association of Pet Parents. It’s a website filled with vetted information – fact not fiction – for pet parents. When it comes to pets, particularly pet behavior and nutrition, the Internet is filled with misinformation. And this is what Tom hope to offer an trusted alternative for.

Here’s my place, Steve Dale on Pet Behavior on the website.

Fireworks and Pets

Our pets aren’t exactly patriotic – If offer tips on what you can do right now, last minute, to help your pets terrified of fireworks. And also what you should NEVER be doing at or around the Fourth.

Here’s the story in American Association of Pet Parents I wrote with tips and products for pets fearful of fireworks.  Also, I explain why so many pets are so fearful in the first place.

And….how smart are dolphins?