American Humane Announces Winners, Being Kind to Animals Kid Contest


When it comes to being kind to animals, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Being Kind to Animal Week ended yesterday (May 8). And so the winners were named to the long-standing American Humane Being Kind to Animals Kid Contest.

In her blog post Dr. Marie McCabe, vice president of human-animal interactions at American Humane offers some interesting observations. For one, it seems the parents are almost always kind to animals too.

Since actress Betty White’s been so hot, I’ll use her as an example. Betty’s devoted her life to animals, and continues to serve  on the Board of the Morris Animal Foundation. Few have done as much in a lifetime to support wildlife and companion animals. Betty says, “My mother was just as bad as I am. I was the lucky little kid who
had parents who would bring home an animal and say, ‘Oh Betty, we found
it; can we keep it?”

We know that children who grow up with animals are more empathetic. We
know that being kind to animals also teaches kids responsibility, and
reality (the cycle of life).

The animals set an example. But then so do
the adults in the household. I believe that is a part of the problem
today – and ask any teacher for verification – too many parents just
aren’t involved. As wonderful as dogs and cats are, they’re not going
to raise kids, teachers can teach but they aren’t substitute parents,
and certainly not the older kids down the block already involved in
activities they shouldn’t be.

It amazing what the winners in American Humane’s contest do for
animals. That means they’re doing unselfishly for others. Not such a
bad trait to have. As Temple Grandin’s book title says, ‘Animals Make Us Human.’