American Veterinary Medical Association CEO's Resolutions for Pet Owners


American Veterinary Medical Association CEO Dr. Ron DeHaven offers five resolutions for pet owners in 2013 . Listen HERE to my interview on Steve Dale’s Pet World.

  • Identification: A microchip is critical, but also registering with the microchip provider.
  • Socialization/Behavior Training: Preventing behavior issues makes far more sense, and early socialization can do that.
  • Exercise: It’s very good for pets and also for pet owners.
  • Emergency Planning: Pets have become a part of the family and need to be included in any emergency planning. And the operative word is “plan.”
  • Preventive Care: We seeing more preventive illness, from obesity to dental disease to parasites. Keeping pets healthy in the first place saves lives, and also saves pet owners money.

Here’s my piece on my resolution for 2013.