American Veterinary Medical Association: Choosing the Right Pet for You


Guinea Pigs

Dr. Kendall Houlihan, assistant director of animal welfare of the American Veterinary Medical Association chats on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show about how to choose the right pet for you.  We talk about it all, from Guinea pigs to cats and dogs.

And do your homework. People get rabbits when little kids are around, based on misconceptions people have. Truth is rabbits and toddlers are a particularly poor mix. Speaking of misconceptions, so many have mistaken notions about cats, though they are the most popular pet in America.

Double the adorableness

If you happen to be a senior citizen, choosing a pet may mean choosing a senior pet. And Houlihan generally likes that idea

We also suggest two kittens is better than one. Perhaps, it oughta be a law for “double the adorableness.”

We also talk about the fact is that while all dogs are indeed individuals, there are breed difference as well. And the same is true, if you happen to have a pedigreed or pure bred cat.