Amy Shojai: Pioneering Pet Book Author


Perhaps certified animal behavior consultant Amy Shojai has authored more books about pets than anyone. Steve and Amy have been friends for decades and together they reminisce HERE on Steve Dale’s Pet World, Check it from WGN Radio. In 2004 Steve even earned the Shojai Mentor Award from the Cat Writer’s Association, which she founded.

Discussed, people care about their pets more than ever, though the world of pet writing has changed and how to reach readers today with relevant information. And how some websites which may (or not) have the best intent are filled with misinformation. Then there are websites which are clearly credible, like Fear Free Happy Homes.

We remember some legendary pet writers, which somehow so many have forgotten, like Mordecai Siegal and Roger Caras. Other giants who have passed include Darlene Arden , Chris Walkowicz  and recently Paula Gregg.

We discuss Shojai’s recent release of audio books, which includes Does My Cat Hat Me? Improve Behavior, Boost Health and Mend Your Bond with Environmental Enrichment. 

Shojai says the number one stressor for cats happens to be other cats – and she explains.

Pigeon Spies

On the Indian and Pakistan border a pigeon was detained.