Anesthesia is Sometimes Misunderstood; 125 Years for Anti-Cruelty


Listen to HERE to Dr. Sheilah Robertson on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio, who received the Animal Welfare Award from the American Veterinary Medical Association, is as expert anesthesia and analgesia.  She points out that people (and pets too) can actually die directly due to pain and offers the history of what we know about this.

Dr. Robertson answers at what point do you not put a pet under anesthesia.

And why it’s a good idea to show off your cat to your veterinarian with regular videos. She talks about how we assume with cats that they’re grumpy or being finicky and it turns out that they’re painful, same in dogs.

125 Years of Anti Cruelty

HEAR President of the Anti-Cruelty in Chicago, Tracy Elliott, on celebrating 125 years. When the first facility was first created, it was done so to save horses. Of course, for a very long time, the mission has transitioned to support dogs and cats, and support families (since pets are members of the family). Conservatively, nearly 400,000 animals have been saved at Anti-Cruelty. He offers some of the many ways, which Anti Cruelty will serve the city moving forward particularly in parts of the city which there currently isn’t veterinary support, and perhaps not even pet stores.

By the way, Anti-Cruelty has a new logo, and new animal holding areas for dogs and cats which the goal is to be stress-fear (coordinating with Fear Free’s advice).

At their gala, Andy Avalos, who did adoption segments for years at WMAQ-TV and Dr. Sheldon Rubin, a member of the Anti-Cruelty Board of Directors for four decades, and a communicator both on my shows but going back in time with Wally Phillips on WGN radio.

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