Animal Advocate, Musician and Friend Skip Haynes Dies


Skip Haynes was known by some as on impassioned animal lover, a founder of Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife (CLAW) – responsible for banning traps that snare or grip coyotes, bears, foxes and other animals in the city, deeming such traps inhumane in 2014. He sang about animals, and founded the only record label in the world creating music about, with and for animals, Laurel Canyon Animal Company.

Others just know about Skip’s classic one-hit wonder….If you are Chicagoan you know the song “Lake Shore Drive,” and the group that performed it, Aliotta, Haynes and Jeremiah. 

Skip was also a friend, and several times guested on radio shows I hosted or co-hosted.

Skip passed away Monday, October 2 in Las Angeles, he was 71.

Listen HERE as I spoke with Skip with Bill Moller on WGN radio. in 2013. Prophetically, I said the song, “Lake Short Drive’ will outlive you.” He left more than his songs – you can hear the joy and intelligence. as we discuss urban wildlife, and songs he composed for animals even eradication of rats.

In 2010, Skip did me a huge favor and flew into Chicago for a giant dog party called Dog Day on the Green, hosted by the Chicago City Clerk at that time.  And he later surprised me live on the radio with this “Steve Dale” version of the Chicago classic Lake Shore Drive. Listen and enjoy…..

with Skip Haynes at Dog Day on the Green, where he performed a song we actually co-wrote about Chicago shelters/rescues

Recently “Lake Shore Drive,” song, appeared in the soundtrack for “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Aliotta died in 2015. Jeremiah died in 2011.

A community memorial for Mr. Haynes is being planned in Laurel Canyon, and according to printed reports some of his ashes will be scattered on Lake Shore Drive.

At dinner regaled my wife Robin and myself many rock ‘n roll stories from the old days, and the more than a bit smoky clubs they played with folks who enjoyed partying (to say the least).

He once told me, “To be honest it (the song “Lake Shore Drive”) got some air play in other markets because program directors then thought we really were singing about LSD – you know back then, you’d think that.” People may not have known Skip’s name but the song continues plaster smiles faces of any Chicagoan, and will no doubt live on as long the street it’s named for does.

I will however always remember the difference he made to individual animals he’d rescued to the difference he made as animal advocate supporting protective legislation.

“And it’s four o’clock in the morning and all of the people have gone away
Just you and your mind and Lake Shore Drive, tomorrow is another day
And the sunshine’s fine in the morning time, tomorrow is another day
And there ain’t no road just like it
Anywhere I found
Running south on Lake Shore drive heading into town
Just snaking on by on LSD, Friday night trouble bound”
Songwriters: Skip Haynes
Lake Shore Drive lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC