Animal Cruelty is the Reddest of Red Flags


Statistics show a strong correlation between animal abuse and the perpetration of violence on humans, as two of the recent mass murders are examples. If identified as and dealt with for animal abuse, both mass murders in Buffalo, NY and Uvalde, TX could have been prevented, and many others before them.

It this video podcast Wayne Pacelle, founder and president of Animal Wellness Action, calls a history of animal abuse “the reddest of red flags” when it comes to identifying teens and young adults who may one day walk into a crowded building or school and begin killing people.  I am honored to appear with Pacelle to discuss the issue and hope to create further awareness regarding the link between animal abuse and violence to humans (which can be shown in any number of ways, ranging from domestic violence to mass murders as examples). Joseph Grove is the host  of this video podcast.

The issue regarding animal violence as a precursor to violent crime against people is, for starters real, and must be bipartisan as I describe in this story.  Strengthening current laws, passing Animal Cruelty Enforcement Act, H.R. 1016 are among actions that could be taken immediately.

Pacelle echos those sentiments in this blog, noting we have a “reddest of red flags” but we need to take advantage of what we know and take action – now.