Animal Shelters Are Filling Up, And Why?


On Steve Dale’s PetWorld, WGN Radio HEAR a discussion regarding today’s shelter scene around Chicago and the U.S., and why so many shelters are filled with Tracy Elliott, president Anti Cruelty Society, Chicago. The answers aren’t likely what you think as to why more animals are coming into shelters, and fewer animals are being adopted out (or at least adopted so quickly).  Elliott explains what’s going on, which isn’t a simple answer, having to do with national economics, a changing culture regarding shelter animals. fewer shelter foster families, as well as the fact that so many people who wanted a pet got one (or two) during the pandemic.

Elliott explains the Chicago Dog Campaign supporting dogs who you might call ‘pitbulls,’ who are merely mixed breed dogs.

Elliott says surprisingly, young pet parents today want the “designer mixed-breed” “doodle dogs,” Labradoodles or Goldendooles or Aussiedoodles, to Puggles etc. These are expensive, a more expensive than shelter dogs for sure. Of course, any dog is wonderful, but they’re not looking to shelters as a solution because it’s simply less trendy to do. And/or they see shelter dogs as somehow “broken.”

Elliott is also honest about what shelters can and should do better.

Anti Cruelty Celebrates 150 Years

The Anti Cruelty Society of Chicago began around  when Sears and Marshall Fields did, and originally with a mission to support horse welfare 150 years ago. Of course, in order to survive, the shelter adjusted to the times. For example, as horses were no longer used, dogs and cats became the focus, including the first veterinary service for pets as well as the first education programs to teach animal welfare, only a few examples among the many firsts in the City and in some cases in the country.

A big Anti Cruelty fundraiser, called Pour Your Heart Out is September 28 at Venue West. Learn more Here.