Another Dog Fighting App, Something Must Be Done


I recently wrote about Dog Wars, an Android (owned by Google) app “game” which taught those who downloaded about dog fighting, celebrating dog fighting – which in truth is a felony.

That Dog Wars App is now gone – However, the same company, Kage Games, LLC, has launched a new “game” called KC Dogfighting. There’s a petition to remove it – HERE at

This app like Dog Wars before it celebrates dog fighting, and makes no distinction for children to prevent from downloading. I downloaded the original free version, and the suggestions for” training” the dogs were horrific. Also, the app plays into stereotypes about Pit Bulls. (I don’t even want to give the company a few bucks to download the new one).

Here is the truth about dog fighting, and worse….Kids watch and we know they then become desensitized to violence. How can this be an app? It should not be.

I was among the first to call for people to complain about Dog Wars, and encouraging the public to contact Android, following a report by a blogger. The story spread, and national animal welfare groups, various celebrities and law enforcement officials called for the app to be removed. There were petitions flying around the Internet. And it all worked – for a time. Unfortunately, Android allowed for the relaunch of what is virtually the same app. How can that be?

Android is encouraging violence – including potential dog attacks. Please report to the Android market. Your voice was heard once, it can be heard again!