Anti Cruelty Society in Rachel Ray Challenge


Anti Cruelty Society is one of a select group of shelters contending in the Rachel Ray/ASPCA challenge for $100,000. And VP Operations David Dinger describes HERE on Steve Dale’s Pet World on WGN Radio how you can help.

Here are some ideas….

  • Follow Anti Cruelty on Facebook.
  • Send everyone you know to our page(s) of adoptables, and the Anti Cruelty Society YouTube channel.
  • Come to Anti Cruelty events and bring your friends.
  • Sign up to volunteer now! There are a variety of opportunities available.
  • Foster an animal to help get him or her ready for adoption.
  • Sponsor an animal’s adoption fee. Contact the shelter directly for more info.
  • Spread the word that Anti Cruelty is working very hard to save hundreds more lives. Ask your friends, family and colleagues to come adopt a dog or cat (or both)! Businesses can get involved too – call 312-644-8338 for details.

WGN traffic babe Mary DeBaggis wonders about introducing cats to one another. And I offer a pawful of tips. On next Sunday’s show, July 29. Veterinary Behaviorist Dr. Theresa DePorter talks about this very topic.

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