Anxious Pets: Solutions on 'Good Day Chicago'


On this TV Segment on Fox News in Chicago with Kori Chambers, I offer several tips on dealing with anxious dogs. Listen, if your dog is totally freaked out by thunderstorms or being left alone, then none of this will solve the problem – you DO need to see your veterinarian, and likely psycho-pharmaceutical intervention is the answer. HOWVER, for mid or lower level anxiety issues, also also for temporary disturbances, like a car ride or 4th of July, the following may be a great help.

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1) The big news is the first ever veterinary diet used to help anxious or emotionally distraught cats and small dogs is a veterinary diet called Royal Canin CALM. With nutritional elements to help pets to relax, just like after we eat certain foods we may relax.

2) Pheromone therapy. Adpatil is a copy of a pheromone puppies get in mom’s milk. And Feliway is a copy of a pheromone cats use to mark their spot when they rub their cheek pad against a table or chair leg, or your leg for that matter – and it’s soothing. Adaptil and Feliway may be purchased in different format, such as a room diffuser or collar (so it goes where the pet goes) or spray (depending on the product).

3) There are many enrichment toys out there – sort of ‘occupational therapy for pets,’ giving them something else to focus on – aside from their anxiety. The Kong toys are most famous for this, and there are many others for dogs and cats too, now.

4) Calming music can help, as written about in “A Sound Beginning” with dog trainer Julie Dorsey-Oskerka and musician Lesley Spencer who say the right kind of music can help to relax a stressed out dog, or even a dog adjusting to a new home after being adopted.