April is Adopt-A-Greyhound Month


Comet may have the winning-est Hollywood smile of the thousands who entered the Petroxdex Superstar Smiles Photo Contest.

Comet was undoubtedly honored to win. But what really is nice is that Comet’s smile now shines the spotlight on Greyhound adoption.

I wrote about Comet’s back-story and his life today as an ‘Ambassadog‘  for my national newspaper column. Comet’s story is a great one. No wonder why he has such a great smile (tooth brushing helps).  But then all rescued Greyhounds have a story.

There are so many misconceptions about Greyhounds – the biggest is that they’re high energy dogs. Fact is, here’s a great apartment (or condo) dog. They do need a good daily walk or sprint in a fenced in park. But then, from there, all they require is a sofa. They’re not ‘barky,’ and indoors they’re not so little love bugs.

I believe there’s something very spiritual about Greyhonds, connecting with people in a different way than many other dogs. Perhaps, you Greyhound lovers, chime in.