Aquaman Rescues Cat


When seeing a community cat struggling on ice over a pond, and continuing to fall through, 21-year old Wabash College wrestler Darden Schurg took matters into his own hands. He jumped into the icy water, and swam 30 to 40 yards to the cat. He scooped up the cat and likely saved a life. While it was a courageous thing to do – for sure – a visit to the veterinary clinic might have been advised, not only to treat potential hyperthermia but also for spay or neuter. Still,  I don’t want to take away from his heroic effort. And he paid a price, as he was cut up by the ice and for a few hours his fingers were numb.

Shurg posted a modest statement on Facebook the next day. “I love animals and wildlife so I felt it was only right to take a quick dip in the lake to rescue the cat. I’m sure anyone in my situation would feel the same way.” That’s where he’s wrong, not everyone would or could do as he did do.