Are Hobby Dog Breeders Declining? Does the American Kennel Club Even Care?


Robyn Michaels, a member of the Greater Chicago Whippet Club and a dog groomer in Rogers Park who speaks the truth – or at least her truth, and you can listen HERE from Steve Dale’s Pet World WGN Radio  – regarding hobby dog breeders and the American Kennel Club (AKC). Why in the heck does the AKC seem more intent on protecting the breeders of “doodle dogs” or “designer dogs” compared to pure bred dogs? Why is the AKC is also so intent on protecting pet stores sales of dogs? And why purchasing a dog (or cat) via a pet store isn’t the best idea (except for shelters who happen to adopt at pet stores).

People can get dogs from – and they’re not always the best idea for dog parents or for dogs:

  • Shelters/Legitimate Rescues
  • Purebred Dog Rescues
  • Hobby Breeders
  • Random Breeding, “Backyard Breeders” who don’t spay neuter
  • Online (often puppy mills)
  • Pet Stores (often puppy mills)

Why are hobby breeders diminishing? People who show dogs are diminishing as well.

Michaels offers tips on where to get and not to get dogs from. Most dogs landing in shelters are not from responsible breeders, then where are they from?

Are Whippets the best kept secret in the dog world?

Michaels also mentions an event coming up at North Shore Dog Training, 83rd All Breed Obedience and Rally Trial, June 16, 2024 at WAG’s beautiful training center in Spring Grove, IL

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