Are There Any Benefits to Grain Free Diets for Dogs?


Dr. Jeff Werber

Dr. Jeff Werber is a high profile veterinarian based in California, who speaks out on all sorts of topics – and this is one regarding the truth about grain free and pet foods. Dr. Werber on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show says grain free isn’t necessary the way to go when choosing a dog food diet.

Here are some FACTS: When dogs have allergies, it’s usually Not an allergy having anything to do with food, and when it is, the dogs are typically allergic to a protein source.

Dr. Werber says we DO see cardiomyopathy more now in dogs now – and there may be an association with an amino acid called taurine and grain free diets.  No matter, it seems there’s no benefit of grain free diets.

And those TV commercials that say feed your dog like a wolf are simply wrong.