Association for Pet Obesity Prevention


Dr. Ernie Ward

Dr. Ernie Ward, founder of the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, explains on the national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio program what this non-profit organization is all about. Dr. Ward it’s like not a fat and happy cat but instead a cat with a disease state waiting to happen, if it hasn’t already. Dr. Ward rattles off some medical issues associated with overweight or obese pets. Diabetes in cats is solely related to weight and is a downright epidemic, it’s that prevalent.

Turns out pet parents don’t often recognize their pet is overweight or obese.

Many overweight or obese dogs and cats may actually be clinically depressed. And yes, dogs and cats can get depressed.  So not only is this a medical issue but it’s a quality of life and mental health issue.


You can partake in a survey for pet parents, which helps to shape tools for veterinarians and even pet food manufacturers.  The survey is quick and easy to fill out but so very important.