Attempting to Lynch A Cat? And the Cat is Shot!


Violence doesn’t only happen in Chicago, Detroit or elsewhere in America – check out what happened on the other side of the pond, according to UK Mail Online. A defenseless cat was held down and shot three  times. I’m not talking about a lion or tiger, just a plain house cat, or moggie as they are called there. 

It gets worse – stunned
vets also found ligature marks (where a role was tied around her neck) and discovered her tongue
had turned black – all telltale signs the vile attacker had tried to
hang the cat. So far, the cat – named Jessie – is alive.

Dr. Daniel Lyons and Jessie

To add insult to to her horrific injuries, the family’s other pet moggy Lilo had been shot in the leg just two days earlier. Where do these people live? Well, maybe it doesn’t matter anymore.

John and Dawn Morvan, who can’t believe Jessie survived after being
left partially deaf and blind, have released the pictures in the hope
of finding the culprit.

The Morvan family will pay for a £1,600 vet bill, taken out of their 
Christmas budget, and will have to pay out more as Jessie’s treatment
continues. Until recently the cats had been house cats and it
was only a few days before the callous attacks that they had been
allowed to wander outside.

Lilo was shot in the leg during the
first attack on October 23 and then Jessie stumbled home
just after midnight two days later – on  animal-lover Dawn’s 42nd
birthday – with air rifle wounds in her neck, ear and  face. Jessie suffered nerve damage and facial paralysis, is deaf in one ear and may possibly be blind in one eye but is lucky to be alive. However, the long-term prognosis for this cat is remains unclear.

This x-ray shows the three pellets lodged in Jessie’s skull. The cat is now partially deaf and blind as a result of her injuries. The long-term prognosis is unclear.

Dr. Daniel Lyons, of Chantry carried out a painstaking two-hour
operation to remove the pellets from Jessie, said it was ‘without a
doubt’ the most shocking animal cruelty case he’d seen. The local police issued this statement: “Incidents of this nature are extremely distressing for the owner and we
take it very  seriously. This was a nasty attack on two family pets and we will fully investigate both incidents to ensure the culprits are caught.”

the traumatic chain of events the family is having a large pen built in the 
garden, allowing the cats to play outside in safety. PLEASE TAKE A LESSON FROM THIS STORY, PLEASE….CATS INDOORS! Once the culprit is caught – years in jail – I hope.