Aurora, IL Seeks To Ban Sales of Dogs/Cats at Pet Stores; Sen. Linda Holmes on WGN Radio


Senator Linda Holmes

I talk HERE with State Senator Linda Holmes (42nd District) on my Sunday afternoon WGN Radio radio show about why she supports a bill state wide (HB 1711), which would ban sales of dogs/cas state-wide, not to mention her community of Aurora, IL banning sales of dogs and cats at pet stores.

The hope is that Illinois becomes the fourth state to ban sales of dogs/cats at pet stores (following Maine, Maryland and California) and Sen. Holmes explains why. It’s because no responsible breeder EVER sells to a pet store. These animals greatly are from puppy mills.

And let’s say you do purchase a dog from a pet store, Sen. Holmes discusses predatory loans. If you can’t immediately afford all of the, say the $2,500 cost for that puppy, you can get financing. That sounds okay. Until consumers learn the interest rate might meet or exceed 100 percent. HB 572 is in place to put an end to these unreasonable loans.

Sen. Holmes – who once volunteered at an animal shelter – and I also discuss the lemon law, which the veterinary associations indicate is “all we need” to protect consumers – who should otherwise have free choice.

Humane Pet Store Bill for Aurora, Illinois

As Naperville, IL banned pet store sales of dogs and cats, two stores began to talk about relocating into Homes’ district, to nearby Aurora and she’s not having it. The hope is a ban on sales of dogs/cats at pet stores will happen in Aurora, and soon.

The public clearly understands  – and Holmes is encouraging residents of Aurora to contact local City Council.

Since the public wants to limit pet store sales, it’s the lobbyists for pet stores, American Kennel Club and actually veterinary associations who are opposing this legislation to impact puppy mills. I do mention that the veterinary associations aren’t representing their membership of veterinary professionals who work in the trenches, which is why Veterinary Professionals Against Puppy Mills was formed in the first place.