Avatar Director Saves the Planet


This isn’t a story about pets, but it appealed to me because, for me, on so many levels Avatar was one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.

Clearly, there’s a message about conservation. And I’m glad. So many species are on the brink of extinction; rain forests are being destroyed as I write this.

Now Avatar’s story sort of comes to life; the movie’s director James Cameron is the good guy trying save not only the rain forest but also indigenous people who live there. His protested in Brazil with  Sigourney Weaver at his side, helped to put the kibosh on the construction of a giant   hydroelectric project (fancy word for a dam). The Associated Press says Cameron was just in Brazil’s capital to
support Indian and environmental groups as they stage protests against
the Belo Monte dam project


Cameron attended an environmental summit in the Amazon last month (March) with former U.S. Vice President Al Gore.

Foxglove, one of countless rain forest plants which drugs have been developed to help people (and pets too). The heart med digitalis is from foxglove.

Whether you believe in global warming or not….Here are facts: Rain forests in Brazil and elsewhere do affect the environment world wide. So many many many pharmaceuticals we take for granted today which originated in the rain forests. There are potentially life saving drugs still waiting to be discovered – they can’t if there if there is no rain forest to discover them in. And even if we don’t have a moral imperative to save those who live in these places (as I believe we have); there is a known trickle down (or if you prefer trickle up affect).

Many poison arrow dart frog species are on the brink of extinction – scientists worry because we may learn about medications from these little guys

One species disappearing from the planet affects many others.

There have been lots of blog buzz that Cameron’s next film will focus on the Amazon. 

Even the formidable Jaguar needs habitat to live in, as it disappears so will the species who live there