Avoiding Heat Stroke and Scorched Paws in Dogs on WGN Radio


Dr. Kathleen Heneghan

Pets have paid a price for the periodically scorching weather, which is discussed with Chicago veterinarian Dr. Kathleen  Heneghan HERE on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio.

This dog is way too hot

Dr. Heneghan describes how to dogs with heat stroke recently appeared at her door, but it was too late. We sometimes forget how difficult it can be for dogs to overheat when it is very hot outside. For the most part dogs are pretty inefficient at keeping cool, particularly the dogs with pushed in noses, called brachycephalic. We add into the mix how difficult it can be for overweight or obese dogs, very large dogs and for geriatric dogs to keep cool, and it doesn’t necessarily need to be over 90 degrees. Dr. Heneghan talks about the signs of overheating in dogs, and how paying attention to your dog (particularly your dog’s tongue) may literally save your dog’s life, or at least a visit to the pet ER.

Here’s how to keep cool

If you think your dog is really hot, your dog is likely then beginning to overheat. Dr. Heneghan talks about what to do, and also what not to do.

Creative idea so the dog doesn’t need to walk on hot pavement

According to PeTA, over 50 dogs have died in a hot car in 2020 through this moment.  In this video, you can see I learned what it feels like to be a dog in a hot car.

For sure when it’s hot outside (to benefit your dog and yourself), run early in the morning or after sunset. And perhaps run shorter distances too, says Dr. Heneghan.

Dr. Heneghan how often dogs might scorch their paws walking on asphalt.

Another summer concern is leptospirosis, which Dr. Heneghan explains why she suggests vaccination. “It’s a very real risk,” she says. “But we have an option for prevention.”

Here are 10 tips for keep dogs safe in hot weather.

Thunderstorm Anxiety

I also offer some tips about how to minimize anxiety for dogs fearful of thunderstorms.