Bad Bird or Is It Bad President Jackson?


When it comes to the seventh U.S. President Andrew Jackson, there seems to be universal agreement that he wasn’t a warm and fuzzy guy, though he did appear to be an animal lover. He was passionate about horses and his African Grey Parrot, named Poll.

In 1827 he originally purchased the bird for his wife Rachel, from a Nashville, TN pet store for $25. But when she passed away a year later, he spent much of his time with the bird.

Jackson was known for his gruff demeanor, and salty language, and his closest confidant for many years was his bird.

In 1845 when Jackson passed away, his best pal, the bird, attending the funeral. Even today, having a bird in the front row of a funeral might not be so customary.

Luckily, there was no live TV broadcasting back then or Facebook Lives because Poll began to squawk and swear, sounding much like the former President. And the expletives kept right on coming. Ultimately, the bird’s non-stop tirade was so disturbing bad that he was removed. However, he reportedly kept right on swearing outside.

Those close to the former President say that Jackson would have enjoyed the salty eulogy from the parrot.

It’s unclear who the bird lived with after this event. A reverend close to Jackson reportedly said, “No will want the bird, still he would be easier to live with than Jackson.”