Bailey's Recalls Choice Jerky Treats


Recall due to concerns of salmonella, there’s a recall of Bailey’s Choice Jerky Treats:

“Bailey’s Choice is issuing a voluntary recall of our chicken jerky treats that have two lot dates: June 5, 2013 and August 28, 2013 (Lot #132881). These two lots tested positive for salmonella. We have had no reports of anyone or any pet becoming sick. It is more dangerous to humans. As with all raw foods, after handling jerky products, we recommend washing your hands thoroughly. We are working with the GA Dept of Agriculture closely to recall the effected lots. We will have more details here as they become available.”

The Bailey’s Choice Treats recall comes just about a week after the Food and Drug Administration issued a warning regarding the mysterious death of 600 dogs and cats after consuming one brand of various jerky treats. The FDA said the cause of deaths and illnesses, which have been occurring since 2007, are unknown. The jerky treats causing the illness and deaths were manufactured in China, where pet food and treats are not required by U.S. law to state the country of origin for each ingredient in their products.