Bar Boycotts Vick, Are they Overdoing It?


For me, Steve Coffman is an animal advocate of the year. Steve Who?

Coffman owns Slates Primetime Grille, a sports bar, in Sandpoint, Idaho.  And all through the football season, they’ve boycotted anything having to do with Michael Vick.

Slates Prime Time Grill

The bar reportedly won’t play Philadelphia Eagles games on their TV’s, or any other program which highlights the former dogfighter. No word on whether the Vick tune out would include the Super Bowl if the Eagles make it, or the Pro Bowl, which Vick was just named to.

Animal lovers posting on my blog, posting on my Facebook Fan page, and sending email may contest Vick, still overall fans are not.

No denying Vick is having a comeback year

Vick received more than 1.5 million fan all star votes. And, after all, he is having his best statistical season (2,755 yards and 20 touchdowns passing, 613 yards and eight TD’s rushing). Vick’s response to being told he made the Pro Bowl was  gratitude, after spending the two previous Christmases in jail for charges associated with dogfighting.

Back at Slates Primetime Grill, Coffman, a dog owner, is in the same place as those who have commented on my blogs, particularly since Vick says he now wants to own a dog to help with his rehabilitation. The Humane Society of the United States is accepted of that idea, and it seems perhaps many fans are too. Personally, I am not (as you can read about in a previous blog posts). If Coffman is still boycotting Vick games and broadcasts about Vick, more power to him – but he is in a minority. After all, Vick games people want to see, and that equates with beer sales. Do you wish there were more like Coffman, or is he overdoing it?