Bark in the Park for Anti Cruelty Society


Bark in the Park on May 20 is around the corner. Listen HERE to Tracy Elliott, president of the Anti Cruelty Society explains not only the event but also various programs from the Anti Cruelty Society on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio.

Elliott talks about the core mission of best care at the Anti Cruelty Society, as they adopt over 4,000 animals annually, mostly dogs and cats, but also Guinea pigs to one (very cute) homeless pig this past year.

Increasingly, Anti Cruelty goes into disinvested communities, where few, if any, pet stores or veterinarians located. Anti Cruelty has distributed around 200,000 pet meals throughout the pandemic with their pet food pantries.  Anti Cruelty has long been going into schools teaching humane education.

with Hazel and a Hazel look-a-like

Bark in the Park, May 20, 8 am to 1 p.m. at the Green adjacent to Soldier Field.  This includes an optional scenic walk along the lakefront,  #Bark2023 (share you best Bark in the Park photos).

There will be a “barket” place with a wide variety of pet items. Free samples of pet food and human food, and live music.

125 Years of Anti Cruelty Society

Hear about the history of Anti Cruelty, which was first designed to protect horses. “We have a history of making adjustments to meet community needs,” Elliott says. It was called the charity vet program, when Anti Cruelty first began to offer vet services, including spay/neuter, going back many decades now. Today, he explains how Anti Cruelty offers people alternatives who seek to give up their pet(s). Few actually, want to give up a family members – there must be something that can be done, and there often is.

State of the Nations Animal Shelters

During the pandemic adoptions around the country set record highs as shelters just about cleared. So why are shelters so filled up today?  One issue, he says, is finding pet friendly housing, and stray cats and even dogs are at record highs in many places. What may reverse this issue is a new law in Illinois to prevent homeowners, renters, condo insurance from discriminating based on breed. 

Elliott explains the shelter pet deposit program to support those who can’t afford a pet deposit.

In the American Southwest people are actually dumping dogs in the middle of the desert. Shelters are filled with animals, and he talks about how to work out of this problem.

And the real most common reasons why people relinquish animals.

Where to Get a Dog?

Debbie Martin, licensed veterinary technician, on where to get dogs and perhaps not where to get dogs.

One reason dogs can be relinquished is house-training, and Martin explains house-training 101.