Barking Your Feedback


Bark at me, or purr at me – doesn’t matter, I love when you squawk back. Here are some rather – well interesting notes and comments from you. Keep those emails coming,


Comment: “I am 84-years old and have the best solution to bathing a cat. Hire a not very intelligent, but very good looking young man to do the job. It’s what I did, and ever since my cat has been pretty dirty, needing a couple of baths a month. My cats doesn’t love it, but I sure enjoy it. “ J. T., Cyberspace

My reply: Now, I know what keeps you young.


Comment: “I saw a parrot in a pet store and heard it talk. Later, I brought my 4-year old grandson in so that he could meet the parrot. But I spent at least five minutes and probably longer trying to get it to talk – nothing. Finally, as we started to leave and were walking out, the parrot hollered ‘Come back here.”  J.R., Rockville, VA

Comment: “A parrot walks into a drug store and buys a chap stick. The clerk says, ‘Will that be cash or charge?’ The parrot says, ‘Just put it on my bill!.” T. J., Ft. Meyers, FL

My reply: Two can play at this game:

A burglar got into a house one holiday night. Shining his flashlight on the floor in the dark, he heard a voice say, “Jesus is watching you.” He looked around nervously, but kept looking for valuables.

He heard it again, “Jesus is watching you.” This time he shined his light all over, and it rested on a parrot. He asked, “Did you say that?” The parrot admitted that he had. “I’m just trying to warn you.”

The burglar said, “A parrot warn me, huh? Who are you? What’s your name?”

The bird replied, “Moses.”

“What kind of stupid people would name a parrot Moses?”

 The bird answered, “I don’t know; I guess the same folks who would name a Rottweiler Jesus'”


Comment:  “I came across a ridiculous quote of yours, something along the lines of “There is no relationship on the planet like the one between people and dogs.” Are you kidding? What about between a man and his wife? Or between a mother and her children? Or between a bear and her cubs?  How small minded are you?” J. A., Cyberspace

My reply: I stand by what I said – but you ignored the explanation for why I said it. There is no relationship where two different species live so intimately with one another, trust each other with their young, and will die for the other.

Dogs will inexplicably give their lives for us. One example, a burning building in Northwest Indiana – a pit bull-type dog smelled the smoke and worked hard to wake up sound sleeping adults. The two couldn’t make it to the other side of the house to rescue their infant. When fire fighters arrived, the panicked parents screamed about their child being inside. At that moment the dog pulls the bassinet out of the house. Instead of saving himself first, the dog suffered smoke inhalation, and might have even died, saving the baby. Today we know that people and dogs are intrinsically linked; indeed there is no relationship like it.     


Comment: “I’ve been reading your stories online and in the newspaper for years, and I’m a fan. One day, I was listening to a guest on the radio talking about pets – and I thought, ‘this sounds like something Steve Dale might say.’ Imagine my surprise when I heard – it was Steve Dale!” I could hardly control the steering wheel.”  C. L., Kenosha, WI

My reply: Don’t text and drive – and apparently, for you, don’t listen to Steve Dale and drive


Comment: “You don’t have children do you? You’re obviously a pet kook,” L.T.W., Reno, NV

My reply: I realize you mean to insult me – but I’m proud to be pet kook. And, for what it’s worth, my wife and I have no children, though I am uncertain how that is relevant. Can’t a pet kook also have children? I suppose I am unaware of the pet kook rules.


Comment: I’m the one with Snuggles, who is afraid of other dogs.  I spoke to you on the radio and followed your advice about taking her for walks with neighbors and friends with their dogs to get her used to being with other dogs.  I am happy to tell you that it has been slow and gradual but there is progress.  I wanted to thank you so much for your advice; you helped when no one else seemed to know what to do. H. M, Las Vegas, NV

Comment: “Remember me?  Ella was urinating on our bed. What a mess. We were about to get rid of the cat. Your advice to saved her life. Thank you so much.” G. H, Hartford, CT

My reply: Being a pet kook isn’t so bad when I receive emails like these, which mean so much to me. I am so glad I was able to help. 

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