Bats and the Bond: The Human Animal Bond with Bats


Clearly the Human Animal Bond Association is about supporting and educating regarding the bond we have with dogs and cats, but it’s much more than that, as we even have a bond with with bats. We need to. He says, we depend on bats. (I think it’s the dogs tags rattling in the background that we hear).

Dr. Flynn offers the 101 on bats – you may be surprised at what you never knew about bats.

There are about 1,400 species of bats, they only mammal that flies. Despite what some thing, they’re not “flying rats,” as they are not even related to rodents.

Dr. Flynn, calls about the three P’s: Pollination, Parasites and Poop.

How if it wasn’t for bats we wouldn’t have nearly as much coffee or several fruits (mangos and bananas among the them) or tequila. In fact, it’s no coincidence the Bacardi logo is a bat. Our fruit production would suffer without bats, but we without them we would be overwhelmed by mosquitoes and other insects. Mosquitoes, of course, carry several diseases. If it wasn’t for bats so many thousands more people and animals would be infected by disease carried by mosquitoes. Some bats are so voracious, they devour a thousand mosquitoes an hour, and thousands overnight – that one bat. So, indeed think about how many mosquitoes we’d have to deal with if it wasn’t for bats.

The third P is “poop” or guano – and why that is important too!

Dr. Flynn explains that bats are actually very family oriented, which is somehow surprising because there are SO many myths about bats. And Dr. Flynn busts many of the myths.

While it’s conceivable that bats played a role in creating the corona virus pandemic we’re living with, it’s then only because of the situation that bats found themselves in, butchered in a wet market not only inhumanely but also without proper attention to appropriate hygiene. Wouldn’t it great if could understood how bats manage to live so easily with so many corona viruses without suffering ill effects.