Benji Returns: Benji's Founder Joe Camp and Steve Dale on WGN Radio


I begin my WGN Radio show talking about what happened at United Airlines this week. Hopefully, someone from United will eventually come on the show.

Listen HERE as my guest Joe Camp, creator of Benji, explains the behind-the-scenes story about how his shaggy dog became a big hit… a bigger hit than anyone might have guessed. The financing from the first movie was dependent on Camp. He tells how it all began when he was washing the dinner dishes.

One difference between Benji and the dog stars of today is that Benji was a little shaggy mutt. And, Benji was more than a dog who rescued a little boy, Benji was a real personality on screen. When Benji first came out, it was an instant hit at the box office. And the movie also worked to improve pet adoption.

Now, Joe’s son Brandon put the latest Benji movie together, and it’s on Netflix.

And, here’s my favorite Benji story: How Benji ended up as an overnight house guest in our home.