Best Ambassador for Cats are Cats


Steve and Ricky over 20 years ago

Pretty much everything we know about cat health was once funded at least in part by the EveryCat Health Foundation and to celebrate this and our relationship with cats,  Cures4Cats Day , October 17, will benefit and focus on the most common heart disease in cats with several free webinars leading up to the holiday. I kick it off September 22 at noon CT, Ricky the Piano Playing Cat: His Big Heart Helping Other Cats Register HERE (the webinar is free). Ricky made such a difference for cats, as on TV, radio and in the media he showed what cats can be, after his death we raised now nearly $300,000 to support studies for heart disease in cats.

For MANY years cats have been the most popular pet in the U.S., and the world. Still, they are maligned and misunderstood (though this is changing), though to be non-responding, aloof, no affectionate – well, that’s hardly true. If you have had cats you know this. No doubt the best ambassador for cats are cats.  Try it, you’ll like it.

(Video post idea from Dr. Leilani Alvarez)