Best Dog Food May Not Cost An Arm and a Tail


In full disclosure, Pedigree told me that if in June I write a blog post mentioning their all-new formula, $1,000 will be donated to an animal shelter of my choice. I called them, and asked if I can have those dollars from dogs to help cats.

They said “sure,” and the dollars will help the cats at Tree House Humane Society. A purrfect way to celebrate Adopt A Cat month, I thought. Pedigree agreed.

But I’m not that easy. I would never support a product I don’t like. Coincidentally, I know a little something about their all-new formula, and I like what I know (essentially quality doesn’t need to cost huge dollars).

Bigger issue for me is the economy. You’ll understand what I mean in a moment.

I get asked all the time via email or on TV or radio, “What’s the best brand for my pet to eat?” The answer is any AAFCO (American Association of Feed Control Officials) product that your pet thrives on. I actually encourage taking one large bin of food and mixing more than a single brand (which the pet food companies don’t love me saying). The truth is that matter how wonderful one brand is – they are not all the same. If we’re talking moist food only, and cats – even then I suggest some rotation.

Note any sudden change of diet may cause an upset tummy. So gradually adjusting the food is important. And the appropriate diet for your pet is an appropriate topic for discussion with your veterinarian.

It’s all about the economy these days…and people want to know if they can skimp on diets, if
they really need those super premium diets. And my answer is no.

To a degree you might in some ways get what you pay for…but then some diets may be popular but considered “ordinary” by pet food elitists, and somewhat less expensive – but are actually terrific. And saving some money on diet may theoretically mean there could be available dollars if the pet needs life saving treatment. In today’s economy, saving some money on food doesn’t necessarily equate with sacrificing quality, or that your pet’s life will be shortened. That suggestion is simply called clever marketing.

Also, supplementation matters. So, you can have all the organic lunches and dinners with tons of fruits and veggies, but if you also eat a gallon of rich ice-cream every night with chocolate sauce, you might throw off the scale. The same is true for our pets.

The bottom line is that each individual animal is exactly that – an individual. What works best for some pets  – no matter how fancy and expensive that diet is – may not work so well for other pets.